Storage Solutions For Small Kitchens

It’s tough being a lover of cooking and having a small kitchen, with no room for appliances or storage space! As lovers of cooking ourselves, we’ve come up with the best storage solutions so you can make the most out of your small kitchen.

Qanto Corner Lift Up

In a small kitchen, it’s vital to use every space available. The corner space is always a bit of a difficult place to fill, so let me introduce the Qanto Corner Lift Up storage. This clever piece of technology not only eliminates the squeeze into that corner cupboard, but allows easy access to it, making that once not so useful cupboard a valuable piece of space. 

Using an ABS mechanism, the cabinet provides two or three shelving units that will lift up to counter top height at the touch of a button, keeping your countertops decluttered. Using a linear drive for the mechanism, you can rest assured that nothing will go missing when it rises up for you to see. This is a must-have for smaller kitchens. 

Lemans Pull Out Corner

If you like to have some items on the countertops, such as a kettle or a toaster that fit nicely in the corner, you still want to make sure you’re utilising those corner cabinets as much as possible. We all know that organising that dreaded corner cabinet can be a pain, but with the Le Mans Pullout Corner Storage, it’s suddenly made a lot easier.

The additional tray that extends all the way out the cabinet allows you to have access to the full cupboard and use it to its maximum potential. The trays also allow you to easily see everything that you have without having to search for things. This storage would be great for pots, pans, and general kitchen utensils!

Quooker Taps

A kettle is considered a necessity in an English kitchen, with Britain drinking on average 100 million cups of tea daily. This works out to 36 billion a year! But, let’s face it, they can take up quite a lot of room. They either sit bulkily on your countertop, or they take up one hob on your stove, neither of which are ideal in a small kitchen. 

Having a tap that has the ability to give you immediate boiling water removes these issues and declutters the space. If you’re looking to redo your kitchen, then this is an essential. The slimline canisters that come with the tap, holding anywhere between 3 and 21 litres of water at varying temperatures, can fit underneath your sink just as anything else would. 

Not only do they provide boiling water, but also 60 degree water, which is the optimal temperature for that perfect hot drink. 

Slim Space Towers

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bit of space, but not quite enough room for an extra cabinet fitting, then the Burbridge Space Tower Slim is the perfect fit for you. This slim and discrete storage unit has four individual drawers that can hold over 160kg each. That’s the equivalent of 320 tins of baked beans in weight per drawer! It may only be 300mm wide, but as the drawers are fitted with runners, you never need to worry about not being able to reach something. 

The modern design makes it perfect not only for kitchens, but any small space in your home, ensuring that you utilise every space available. 

KF Kitchens

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, we’ve worked with all shapes and sizes of kitchens meaning that we’ll be able to help you with those tricky small spaces. 

If you’re looking for some helpful and friendly advice, you can pop into our Plymouth showroom, or you can get in touch here!