Kitchen Makers


Welcome to the new Kitchen Makers Collection, presented by KF Kitchens in association with Burbidge and Son.

The Kitchen Makers collection is another new chapter in the KF Kitchens and Burbidge history book.

Alderley, Haddon and Somerton: The three timeless in-frame timber designs boasting sizing, colour and accessory options to provide absolute freedom of personalisation. Like siblings, each have their own distinct characteristics, yet are united by beautifully hand-crafted credentials borne out of the same, fine Burbidge ancestry. Coupled with Hidcote, Malton and Tresco, which offer beautiful examples of the lay on shaker form, they act as companions to each other.

Burbidge are makers, not assemblers, their kitchens are not off the shelf and are unique to their owners.  They produce all the cabinetry in their workshops, putting us in complete control of quality and consistency, whilst enabling us to create a kitchen that perfectly fits your home.

By choosing Burbidge and KF Kitchens you can rest assured that you are investing in the highest standard of product by a British manufacturer.  Testament to the quality, craftmanship and intricate detailing that they have become trusted for over the decades, Burbidge are proud to be holders of the prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark, awarded by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers- a mark of excellence in British furniture making. Allied to KF Kitchens Trading Standards Buy With Confidence and KBSA memberships you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

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