Kitchen Makers

We’re Taking Kitchen Furniture to a Whole New Level

In partnership with Burbidge & Son, we are launching a new range of beautiful hand-painted luxury kitchens, Kitchen Makers™. The new range will be available from our showroom in Faraday Mill, alongside our existing kitchen collections. 
Traditionally, Burbidge & Son have made timber doors, but now, due to this collaboration, the inside of their cabinets will be just as stylish as the outside.

Our founder, Nathan Damarell, says “We’ve been dealing with Burbidge ever since we started and we are very excited to be asked to be one of their first partnership dealership for Kitchen Makers, and the only one in our region. It speaks volumes about their trust in us and our reputation for customer service and installation skills." 

"It’s also exciting for homeowners, because this gives people in the region the opportunity to see a different type of product, working with a local family business rather than having to travel outside the region. The brand gives us speciality products that are unique and would sit very nicely in a rural or classic style property. In that sense, this broadens our boundaries a bit more.”

Ben Burbidge of Burbidge & Sons has detailed why he had decided to launch Kitchen Makers with KF Kitchens: “This is our luxury brand and we need our partnership dealers to possess the kitchen design skills and installation skills so that everything is done properly for the consumer. 

“We looked at the people we work with nationally, and there are only about 2% at the skill levels of KF Kitchens. It’s about attention to detail and doing things with precision.”

He added: “The main word we use for these products is furniture, not kitchen units. We are doing bespoke furniture-making in a ‘craft-meets-technology’ environment to create what the customer wants. The design clearly looks like furniture, but it combines with the practicalities of what is required in a kitchen.”

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How is the range different to what’s gone before?

One of the key features of the new Kitchen Makers ranges is the option to have timber cabinets and drawer boxes, the possible replacement of standard wall cabinets with beautifully crafted shelves, tongue and groove panelling and corbels for extra detail. Another modern feature of the range is the solid oak vegetable drawer crates, giving storage a new look, and you can even match them with wooden serving trays and solid wood chopping boards! No inch of space is wasted, from solid wood individual larder drawers and corner solutions, to integral bins, door-hung spice racks and lots more.

“The products are built to last – this longevity is all part of the value,” said Ben. “It also makes the products more sustainable, you are consuming less, which is hugely important. You’re creating a great living space and you’re future-proofing it.”

Nathan added: “This is taking kitchens to a different level and it reflects the way that people use their kitchens nowadays. The kitchen is increasingly the focal point of the home, where people spend a lot of their time, and they are demanding beautiful furniture. And although it’s exclusive, it’s not with the price tag you’d expect.”

Tell me more!

The Kitchen Makers range comes in three distinctive styles: Alderley, Somerton and Haddon. Each range is available with 16 different paint finishes as standard, or can be painted a custom colour as extra. We work with you every step of the way, ensuring your beautiful kitchen is exactly as you want it, taking into account your specific needs and budget requirements. Everything is made to order by Burbidge & Son, and we take it from there.

“We design your kitchen to your requirements,” said Simon Rice, another of our directors. “But we’ll also question and challenge your decisions by asking ‘if this was my home, what would I do with this space?’ People really do appreciate that. It’s about designing your kitchen to best suit the space, the property and how you use your kitchen.”

Nathan added: “We are very fortunate with the skill sets we have. The guys who install our kitchens are basically furniture-makers who happen to install kitchens. So, from the start of the process to the finish, we offer the very best in production, design, install, customer experience and after service. Every part of it has to be excellent. That’s how we work. And that’s why Burbidge have chosen us to launch their Kitchen Makers products.”

The Kitchen Makers range is available now from KF Kitchens, so come and take a look today! Give us a call on 01752 255022, or pop into our showroom at 67 Faraday Mill, Cattedown, Plymouth, PL4 0ST.