How Do You Brighten Your Kitchen With No Natural Light?

Having a dark kitchen or lack of windows can create a drab space for you, your guests and family. You’re cooking, handling sharp knives and hosting so you do not want a lifeless space, as the main social point of your house. You do not need to demolish your whole kitchen, there are some simple changes that you can do in order to make your kitchen brighter and full of life. But if after these changes you’re still unhappy KF Kitchens can help create and design your dream kitchen, check out our gallery for some pinterest worthy inspiration. Keep reading to find out how to transform your kitchen from drab to fab!

  1. White It Out

Have you ever thought about why interior designers paint everything white or cream? Well this is because white tends to make a room look brighter, wider and give the illusion of more light. But, within kitchens most designers take it one step further and design white countertops, cabinets, ceilings and also lighter floors too. If you have wooden cabinets, an easy solution is a can of white paint or white DC fix!

  1. Brighten Up

This might sound completely obvious, but brighter bulbs in your light fixtures will automatically brighten up your kitchen space. You will be surprised how often people forget to just adjust their watts in their light bulbs, it will make the world of a difference!

  1. Pop Of Colour 

Although we said make your cabinets, walls, ceilings and countertops white, a pop of colour in your crockery or decor can make the kitchen look a lot brighter. Think about adding green plants or a bunch of flowers in your island to make the kitchen stand out. But keep to a colour scheme don't be mixing and matching stick to maybe two and keep to a theme.

  1. Mirror Mirror 

Mirror, mirror on the wall...making the kitchen look airy and tall! Just like the fairy tale says, mirrors really do create illusions by reflecting and creating extra space. A tip is to hand one near a window to absorb that extra bit of natural light - giving some extra brightness. 

  1. Remove Clutter 

Clutter will make things look messy and drab. Try and keep things up high on shelves to get rid of things in eyesight. To invite open and airiness into the kitchen what you need is open shelves, this gives a bright and ‘maintained’ vibe that will remove any darkness your kitchen has. Saying this, keep to the bare essentials, don't have an overbearing kitchen - less is more! See here for our solution to storage for small kitchens.

  1. Bring the light down

Having spotlights will not disperse the light as much as you think, having lower light fixtures closer to the worktops will bring the light closer to you and to your workspace. Using sharp knives you need as much light as possible. Additionally, having a bright, bare island will break up any dark floor or dark cupboards as it will separate and break up the dark dim colours.

Get In Touch!

If you are considering a kitchen refurb see above for ideas in our gallery and showroom, but if you are looking for new light fixtures we can help you design the best for your kitchen space. If you would like some more information, then get in touch with us here! One of our expert team members will be more than happy to answer and advise you to make the best decision for you and your home.