How to prepare Christmas dinner

In order to speed up your preparations, we recommend using a small turkey (no more than 4kg). This can be cooked rapidly at a high temperature (200C/180C fan/gas 6), like a chicken. Here at KF Kitchens, we work with amazing brands that provide innovative solutions to your problems. As a Neff 5 Star Master Partner, we work very closely with Neff. Our Plymouth showroom features many working Neff appliances from Slide and Hide® ovens to induction hobs, extractors, refrigeration, combination ovens and dishwashers. 

Neff is an internationally recognised brand, exuding quality and unique ideas such as the Slide and Hide® oven. A brand that is designed for those customers who love to cook and experiment with a premium and well-priced product. Explore KF Kitchens and Neff here.

A great oven you can use to prepare Christmas dinner, that we have in our showroom here at KF Kitchens, is the Neff oven - this will help you save time. There are various features on the Neff ovens including CircoTherm®, steam ovens and meat probes. Shop Neff’s products here.

If Neff is not the brand for you, we also feature an exclusive Siemens Studio-Line showroom, where we display multiple products in the Studio Line Range as well as the Siemens core range. Explore here.

Additionally, we have partnered with stunning brand Miele to bring as much variety in product offer as possible. You can find Miele here.

Christmas dinner timeline: 

  • 11 am -Pe-heat the oven.  

  • 11.30 am - Start the dinner!

  • 12 pm - Once you have rubbed your turkey in the spices you want, pop the turkey in the oven to roast.

  • 12.15 pm - We recommend starting the veg now. Boil the potatoes and root vegetables in settled water. 

  • 1 pm - Check on the turkey and baste in the turkey juices. Once done, return to the oven for the remaining time.

  • 1.10 pm - If you are preparing a starter - now is the time! 

  • 1.25 pm - Time to put the potatoes in the oven (in a hot oil tray with salt, garlic and rosemary).

  • 1.30 pm - Check that the turkey has reached the internal temperature 75C (using the Neff® meat probe oven). If not done, carry on cooking for a further 5-10 mins. 

  • 1.40 pm - Make the gravy from the juices from the turkey.

  • 2 pm - Sit down to eat the starter and once you have finished this - your main should all be ready to be served up.

Do I qualify for finance?

We want to ensure that all our customers can buy their dream kitchen, so we have teamed up with Shermin Finance and put together some payment options, allowing you to spread the cost of your kitchen.

  • 18 years old (minimum age)

  • No CCJ’s / IVA’s / Bankruptcy

  • 3 years UK address history

  • UK Bank Account (a joint account is OK)

  • Employed / self-employed / retired

To apply for finance, or explore further options, book your appointment today here.

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