How to make your kitchen sparkle

Choosing a glossy kitchen to some homeowners is an easy decision. More often than not, people have an immediate preference for their qualities and usually choose the look of a kitchen prior to designing their dream kitchen. High gloss kitchens were a staple in many homes for years. However, the market has shifted in favour of the more dramatic and subdued matt finish. Both finish types work great in any kitchen style, from the traditional to the contemporary to the minimalist. Timeless in appearance, they both form the basis of visually stunning designs. They’re highly durable and easy to clean. But if you want a more contemporary, modern feel making your kitchen sparkle could be the answer, not just through cleaning! Keep reading to find out the best tips and tricks in order to keep your kitchen gleaming at all times!

Gloss doors

The most popular way to make a kitchen sparkle is opting for gloss cabinets and cupboard doors. When at eye level they will receive and reflect most of the light when entering the space, which will make your kitchen appear larger and brighter. This means you will be able to fully achieve and appreciate the stunning beauty of a high gloss finish. Although, when choosing what colours to go for, remember the colours of the gloss will vary slightly depending on the reflected light (which is what makes it appear glossy). The lighter the colour gloss, (white) the better the sparkle and gloss reflection. While bearing this in mind, your glossy cabinets could also reflect the other visible colours in the room so it is recommended to stick to one colour palette. If you are stuck on which colour to use, seek the advice of experienced kitchen designers - like us - we can make your dream kitchen a reality! 

Glitter worktops

Sparkly worktops are great to brighten up any room! These worktops are always on-trend because of  their brilliant aesthetics which make them a favorite of interior designers and homeowners alike. The  reflective worktop, with sparkles, will help make it the focal point of the kitchen as any light that hits will bounce off and enhance the kitchen lighting. 

Here at KF Kitchens, we specialise in creating dream kitchens and we recommend Silestone by Cosentino. Silestone is made from 93% quartz and 7% polymer resin to create the look and feel of granite but it will provide a more solid colour, with options for added mirror flecks - to create that sparkle effect! Cosentino is a material made of porcelain, glass and quartz, it is very durable and versatile. Click here to see the manufacturer that we use! Applications for our kitchens by KF Kitchens use materials by Cosentino. Our new showroom shows a great selection of Cosentino worktops and is featured in our working display, including Dekton and Silestone. See our new showroom here.

Stainless steel 

Stainless steel appliances and hardware are both sleek and stylish. The timeless metal colour is neutral, making it a great choice for varying designs and décor. The reason most of us tend to use stainless steel in the kitchen is that it’s one of the most durable, versatile, and worry-free metals available for kitchens. Not to mention, it gives a beautiful shine when kept on top of and cleaned! Having stainless steel appliances and hardware will give an added sparkle to your kitchen. The science behind the shine is that it is bright due to a high level of chromium and nickel. Extra benefits of having stainless steel in your kitchen means that it is also very resistant to corrosion and rust.


Whether you have an array of natural light or artificial light, lighting is key to make your kitchen sparkle. Kitchen lights go a long way to creating the perfect kitchen and by giving it that extra sparkle! Having bright lights in your kitchen can add reflections - meaning more shine! Natural light is the best option, but if you have bright artificial lights then this is equally as great. The most common use of lighting is ‘up lighting’ which is in a cove lampshade around the top perimeter of a room. To maximize light output, you can use an LED light source that will flush the ceiling. We recommend painted white with light. This will help create a brighter ceiling as the light will bounce and therefore will reflect light throughout the space. 

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