How to make your dreams of a stylish kitchen come true

Our kitchens should be the heart of our homes, but having your dream kitchen should not be out of reach. Here at KF Kitchens, it is easy to make your dream kitchen a reality. 

The simple answer is to get started by figuring out what you want to change and the how, the when, and what to do next. Using a specialist kitchen designer, like ourselves, is always a great idea. We have made many people’s dreams come true and have designed gorgeous kitchens countless times. Read on to find out how you can transform your kitchen into your dream kitchen.

The price 

Firstly, do not stress about the price of your dream kitchen. Here at KF Kitchens, we want to ensure that all our customers can buy their dream kitchen, so we have teamed up with Shermin Finance and put together some payment options, allowing you to spread the cost of your Kitchen.

Do I qualify for finance?

  • 18 years old (minimum age)

  • No CCJ’s / IVA’s / Bankruptcy

  • 3 years UK address history

  • UK Bank Account (joint account OK)

  • Employed / Self-employed / Retired

To apply for finance, or explore further options, book your appointment today here.


We work with amazing brands that provide innovative solutions to your problems. For example, a brand we work closely with is Neff. As a Neff 5 Star Master Partner, our showroom features many working Neff appliances from the slide and hide ovens to induction hobs, extractors, refrigeration, combination ovens and dishwashers. They are an internationally recognised brand, exuding quality and unique ideas, designed for those customers who love to cook and experiment with a premium and well-priced product. Click here to explore their products.

We also feature an exclusive Siemens Studio-Line Showroom, where we display multiple products in the Studio Line Range as well as the Siemens core range. Explore here.

Additionally, we have partnered with stunning brands Miele and Smeg to bring as much variety in product offer as possible. You can find Miele here and Smeg here.

Do not forget the decor


As we all know, lighting can set the mood for any room, not just the kitchen. By combining lights, such as cabinet and pendant lights you can create the perfect kitchen for you. We have plenty of options to help you illuminate your space. 


You interact with fixtures every day. Whether it’s the sink, tap or handles, you need to make the style work for you. Functionality is important but having the most stunning fixtures is important too, they can tie the whole room together. 


The choice for worktops has never been so wide. You can select from; granite, quartz, or Formica®. They are all available in different depths (from 6mm up to 40mm), different textures (from gloss to matte), and different edge finishes. Also, the 50 or 100mm worktop is popular, as it can sit on your existing worktop giving you different levels and finishes. Our showroom shows lots of different options using lots of different materials. 

Get in touch with us here to find out more.


Our kitchen cabinets will please all tastes, from traditionally painted wooden doors in a great choice of colours, many different styles including shaker style doors and in-frame kitchens by Burbidge. We also have the great German brand, Nolte, which features amazing design ideas, including the option of having higher base units, deeper drawer boxes, integrated lighting, push to open doors and a great choice of colours and textures to choose from including wood, stone, concrete. 

Explore with us here.

Get in touch!

Our new showroom could feature your dream kitchen without you even knowing! Get in touch with us and we can advise you on the best decision for you and your home. We are more than happy to provide you with more information - click here to speak to one of our expert team members! If you would like to see our new showroom, you can see our gallery here, which may provide some more inspiration!