Dream Kitchen Ideas For The New Year

Was a dream kitchen on your 2020 wishlist but never got round to it? How about using the New Year to refresh your kitchen space? Is it that you need extra cupboards or some more space for socialising and entertaining guests? Whatever the reason for wanting a new kitchen this year, we’ve got you covered as KF Kitchens, new showroom is now open! Book now to secure an exclusive look at our new designs and styles in association with Nolte Kitchens

Want some inspiration before you come and visit? We have some ideas that will add character and spruce up your kitchen without even realising. Keep reading to find out how we can help to make your kitchen pop!

Island Or No Island?

A kitchen island can add a huge amount of extra space without realising. This simple addition can spruce up your kitchen by adding drawers, pull out shelves, and cabinets. If it’s something simple you're after, then adding an island is a perfect option for you as it is just an extension to your existing worktop. And you’re one step closer to your dream kitchen. 

A kitchen island can also act as an informal dining area or as additional seating when entertaining guests. Having the ability to see more of your guests or family is always an advantage while preparing food as it feels inclusive. Even if your kitchen is small, a counter extension can act as an island and add character without realising. Whether your island can seat six or three, it’s always a plus that you will be able to seat more people if needed.

Additionally, a movable kitchen island offers more room when you want to cook a huge meal and each person can take a section of what they want. Once your meal is complete, roll your kitchen island out of the way for added space. Movable kitchens are ideal for smaller kitchens that need that extra space.

Think Sink

The kitchen sink has several uses, it can be used for washing dishes, hands, clothes and meal preparation! So you need a robust sink but also a great design to bring your kitchen together. 

Nolte Kitchens offer a flush-fit installation so you don’t have to worry about your sink not fitting into your dream design. Whether you choose a stainless-steel or a porcelain kitchen sink, they are both strong and will last you at least 15 years when maintained properly. There are pros and cons to different sink materials, but there are no bad materials. It all just depends on what your requirements are for your kitchen sink and what your style preferences are.

Grab The Handle

A simple change like the handles or taps in your kitchen can make a huge difference so, think about what colour and finish will match your kitchen. A good idea is to coordinate the metal elements in your kitchen (cabinet handles and appliances). Is there a particular kitchen style or colour you’re after? We probably have a tap or handles to match it! It’s these small details that will really help your kitchen stand out and make your dream kitchen come alive. Having a spurt of colour can inject fun and vibrancy into any kitchen, or why not go bold with gold which will bring an element of elegance and vintage look to a contemporary finish. A matt black finish has become popular in recent years as it offers a sense of drama to either a contemporary or industrial kitchen!

New Year At KF Kitchens

A whole new showroom is coming your way in 2021! Whether you want to book a slot to view our kitchens designs with Nolte in person or virtually, we will have both options ready for a fresh start this new year. Our extensive showroom is being built with our customers in mind. You can see the products that we can potentially and expertly install into your dream kitchen. Contact us to find out more.

If you are considering a kitchen refurb for the new year, we have all new kitchen designs - view our gallery or showroom here, to get some inspiration. If you would like some more information, then get in touch with us here! One of our expert team members will be more than happy to answer and advise you to make the best decision for you and your home.